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Has The IRS Sent You Threatening Letters?

IRS sends “hard” and “soft” notices to Taxpayers. The goal is either to nudge you to file a return, or to let you know in real terms that they are about to take your money.

If you filed your tax return, owing money, then you will start to receive notices which take on an increasingly threatening tone, until after five months have elasped you will get a more serious “Notice of Intent to Levy”. And if you ignore that one, you will get Certified Mail of an immediate Intent to Levy. Ten days and you're toast. At that point, call us. It's that simple. Or be smart, before those notices get threatening [they are tough on your spouse], call us.

We'll get in touch with IRS, explain your delay in payment and arrange a payment solution. Most important, by calling IRS, we are showing IRS that you take your responsibilities seriously. And collection activity will stop, as long as you are working on a payment solution.

What is a “payment solution”? An Offer in Compromise or an Installment Agreement.

And don't forget your State! If you owe a State, they have less patience than IRS and will likely levy your wage and/or bank account with less notice than IRS. After all, they can't print money, and they are all desperate. The absolute WORST is New York State, followed by New Jersey. Call us.