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Wage and Bank Levys

Nothing will set off a firestorm with your Spouse faster than a wage garnishment, especially if the Spouse’s wages are being garnished because YOU owe IRS money, and have not informed the Spouse.

The ultimate in shock and awe from tax authorities: the wage garnishment, or levy. On many occasions, your State will beat IRS to the punch on this. State collection people are less sympathetic and flexible than IRS. Just thought we’d let you know.

What to do? You give us Power of Attorney, quickly. Then we CALL the IRS or the State and beg for a release. They will usually do this on condition that you set up a payment plan. Sometimes, they will release for a short period, say two weeks. But if you have not come up with a payment solution, or paid in full, the garnishment goes back. And you’re toast.

The worst feature is when you find out from your Employer. If you have sensitive job [think Banker or Lawyer], you better solve this quickly, or you’ll be deemed a risk and lose your job. We will write to your Employer and explain what is going on in a tactful way. We have saved jobs by acting on garnishments. It usually means a face-to-face meeting with IRS Revenue Officers, who are generally a grumpy bunch. We go in, hat in hand, and grovel. We get results. We have no shame. Call us.