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Tax Preparation

The bread and butter for our firm. We will prepare your federal and state tax returns quickly and as accurately as possible. We don’t audit your tax returns,. We rely upon you to provide us with accurate numbers, or estimates which you can back up in case of an IRS audit. If the numbers really don’t make sense, then we make back off. How so? if you are living very well, yet only seem to have income from self-employment of $30,000, with no other source of income, then we will ask some questions - - before the IRS does.

There are no loopholes. Rather there are intelligent ways to avoid taxation, or minimize taxation.

Here is the difference: Tax Avoidance is legal, while Tax Evasion is illegal.

We are Tax Avoiders wherever and whenever possible. The are many planning opportunities, and we will walk you through them. State taxation is increasinlgy tortuous, because the States are broke. Planning opportunities there.

Our fees are comparable with the national chains for tax returns- - you know who they are. But, obviously, if you are trading stocks and options, have rental properties and are a partner or member in partnerships or LLC’s, the input is greater, and the fees are greater.

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